Friday, May 31, 2013

French Documentary Film Denounced as Anti-Semitic

The American Jewish group JCALL is relaying the following French critique of a film by Béatrice Pignède:
Aucun de ces médias n’est complotiste ou d'extrême droite. Pourtant, tous assurent depuis la semaine dernière la promotion sur leurs sites du dernier film de Béatrice Pignède : «L’Oligarchie et le Sionisme».

Brisons immédiatement le suspense : ce documentaire prétendument «indépendant» (il est distribué par la même officine iranienne qui a produit l’année dernière le film de Dieudonné, «L’Antisémite») ne donne pas dans la subtilité. Infiltrés dans tous les pays occidentaux, les «réseaux sionistes» actionneraient partout les leviers de pouvoir pour imposer leur loi et mettre en œuvre leur plan de domination, le «Nouvel Ordre Mondial». Le «Sionisme», idéologie mortifère par laquelle l’«Oligarchie» étendrait son règne sur le monde, s’emploierait en effet à exploiter les événements de la Seconde Guerre mondiale à des fins politiques en jouant cyniquement sur la mauvaise conscience des Européens et en interdisant toute discussion libre sur la réalité de la Shoah. Avant-poste de cet impérialisme prédateur, l’Etat d’Israël menacerait à lui seul l’équilibre de la planète.
Has anyone seen this film? Are the allegations correct?


Anonymous said...

I noticed the film on Allociné the week before it was due to come out, looked into it, and realized pretty quickly what it was all about, i.e. that it is manifestly antisemitic. But it was not scheduled to play anywhere, so I don't know how it can be seen. And Allociné has since removed all mention of it.


bernard said...

An interesting progression in the films that she makes, to say the least...

While I did not support the prospects of an intervention in Irak, I went to watch a large demonstration taking in place in Paris at the time, in early 2003. As I then explained to my friends, I wanted to see with my own eyes what an anti-semitic demonstration looked like. From the chanting and the caricatures on placards, I saw very well, thank you, down to the bent bulbous noses.

Boris said...

to Bernard: I don't get it ; do you imply that a demonstration against intervention in Irak was necessarily anti-semitic ?

FrédéricLN said...

Didn't ever hear of any Ms Béatrice Pignède (nor of this movie), sorry.

bernard said...


I don't imply that. I imply that, knowing very well the speed at which "leftist" antisemitism was developing in France at the time, I fully expected that demonstration to be an antisemitic demonstration and that this expectation turned out fully correct.

As an aside this was massively different from ultra letftist demonstrations from the sixties or seventies (whether Maoist or Trostyst) where a very substantial percentage of those seriously involved were actually Jewish and to a large extent were trying to emulate morally the heroes of the previous generation. At that time, ultraleftist and antisemitic was an oxymoron. How times have changed!

This, incidentally, is likely one of the reasons why these movements never mutated into terrorist movements as opposed to, say, the RAF in Germany or the red brigades in Italy. It is well documented that many in the early RAF were the sons and daughters of war criminals.