Monday, May 6, 2013

The French Are Pessimists

Right, so what else is new:
Ce constat rend d'autant plus étonnant l'extrême pessimisme des Français. En moyenne, 92 % des Européens ont un sentiment négatif sur l'avenir de leur pays ou sur le sort de leurs concitoyens. Dans l'Hexagone, 97 % des ménages voient les choses en noir. Davantage que les Espagnols (94 %) ou les Italiens (91 %). Surtout, 85 % des Français pensent que les choses ne feront que s'aggraver dans l'année à venir, contre 75 % des Européens.
Of course, what's striking here is how pessimistic all of Europe is. The French, as is their wont, are overdoing it a bit, but there aren't many hopeful economic signs in Europe, so these results are hardly surprising.


Hilary Barnes said...

The French, surely, are never happier than when expressing their dissatisfaction!

FrédéricLN said...

@ Hilary Barnes: you make a very good point. I just can't feel any kind of (specific, new) pessimism round here in Ile-de-France. But a very widespread, let's say unanimous, criticism of the way the country is run — and *that* is new.

Most of them think "the country is badly oriented. So I will care for myself, and I will cope". Expressing dissatisfaction against the present administration is a way to express self-confidence and energy to cope with this "crisis".

(That written — unemployment is no fiction).