Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NKM Conquers Paris

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, with 58% of the vote, easily won the UMP primary to become candidate for the Paris mayoralty. She was aided by national name recognition and the support of Bernard Debré, to whom she has family ties. She also overcame opposition by anti-gay marriage activists in the party, who called for a vote against her.

NKM is a rising star in the UMP and a presidential hopeful. Her performance in the mayoral elections will therefore be a harbinger of things to come. She will face Socialist Anne Hidalgo in March 2014.


MCG said...

NKM opposes Delanoe and Hidalgo's plans for new skyscrapers to be dotted around the gates of Paris, starting with the so-called Tour Triangle in the 15eme. Pointing to
the universally-despised Tour Montparnasse, from 1973, NKM says that "One does not embellish the city by building isolated towers that disfigure it." She writes:

Les prochaines années seront scandées par des projets : il ne faut pas penser seulement aux grands projets mais aux dizaines, aux centaines de petits qui peuvent embellir la vie des Parisiens. On n’embellira pas la ville en y construisant des tours isolées qui la défigurent. Nous avions déjà la tour Montparnasse, nous voilà bientôt avec la tour Triangle !

NKM's designated opponent, Anne Hidalgo, has been not only sponsor but the chief outspoken advocate for these projects that the majority of Parisians oppose and that are designed to blight the historic skyline of Paris. Hidalgo has told groups, "You associations can yell and stamp your feet all you want, but we are going to build those towers."

The skyline of Paris is not a renewable resource. NKM has by far the better argument.

Anonymous said...

I love the Tour Montparnasse . It stands as a defiant, obscenely phallic symbol of kitsch individualism and liberty against the drab uniformity of a city inhibited by its devotion to sterilizing canons of good-taste and propriety. It should converted into a cathedral and become a place of pilgrimage and worship for hijab wearers, roms, scientologists, evangelists, free-marketers , anti-conformists, misfits of all persuasions and creeds

Anonymous said...

Go eat a bag of phallic symbols

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Anonymous said...

I thought NKM was against gay marraige/adoption.