Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Uneven Job Loss Across France

Le Monde today has an interesting map of the level of job loss in the various metropolitan statistical areas (to use US jargon) that make up the French economy. The striking fact is that job loss across the country is very uneven, with the north, east, and center faring particularly badly while the south and west do quite a bit better. It would be interesting to pursue the analysis to a finer level of detail, to try to understand what is going on.


FrédéricLN said...

Ok, you make a very good point, it's a long term move, and on of the structures of change in globalized economy.

The comparative advantage of France within the global competition lies in our "art de vivre" (yes, landscapes, and some social culture / sometimes good mood of people ;-) ), and French regions with the highest reputation under this respect (also among the French) are Brittany, the Loire valley, the Atlantic coast as a whole, the Mediterranean shore and Provence, and the broader SouthWest ("Le bonheur est dans le pré"). That's where retired people go with their money, where young talented people try to find jobs, where self-entrepreneurs try to locate their business, where foreign investors would set their offices in order to lure people from all regions and countries. All theses regions, plus Paris intra muros, for sure.

(That map is for population, not jobs)

Some maps for jobs, the time laps is smaller, 2008-2011:

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