Monday, November 4, 2013

Former Ambassador Caught Smuggling Currency

How time flies. Only a couple of years ago young Boris Boillon was in the news as the newly minted minister to Tunisia, whose début appearance before the press did not go as planned. Boillon managed to insult the reporters sent to cover him and, despite speaking Arabic, angered his Tunisian hosts so much that they asked to have him recalled. See my 2011 post on this episode here.

Now Boillon, a little older but none the wiser, is in the news again. He was arrested at a Paris train station in July as he was about to depart for Belgium with €350,000 euros in his pocket. That's quite a sum for a 43-year-old public servant to have accumulated--how we are not told. The Times simply chose him as an exemplar of what is apparently a growing phenomenon: the smuggling of cash by would-be tax evaders.

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