Monday, December 23, 2013

NKM in Difficulty

Nathalike Kosciusko-Morizet's candidacy for the Paris mayoralty is in trouble. There are dissidents everywhere, and the national party isn't giving her the support she expected, perhaps because J.-F. Copé sees her as a future rival for the presidency. Not that it would suit Copé to see dissidents loyal to Fillon get elected. But why not knock off the small fry first? And then there's Charles Beigbeder, a self-appointed ego of the 8th Arrdt, who was at first NKM's no. 2 there but was then displaced and organized a dissident list in a fit of pique. Copé has now disavowed him, but he remains in the field. And as if all that were not enough, Rachida Dati (remember her?) has warned her sister ex-minister that the time has come to take things in hand or face defeat.

The pity of it is that NKM is perhaps the UMP's strongest anti-FN voice. Indeed, that, as much as personal ambition, is perhaps the source of Copé's coolness toward her, since he wants to reposition the party to scarf up as many FN votes as possible (if possible, I should say). Meanwhile, another older head, Nicolas Sarkozy himself, has reportedly delivered himself of a lapidary judgment on NKM's campaign: "Elle ne fait que des conneries."

Hmm. Kinda sorta reminds you of Ségolène Royal's campaign for the presidency in 2007, when the Socialists seemed more intent on putting the female candidate in her place than on winning the election. Could misogyny be the one constant in French politics?


Mitch Guthman said...

At first glance I was disheartened and dismayed but it looks more like internal sniping within the UMP than a genuinely increased likelihood that Anne Hidalgo will actually be in a position to trash Paris with her corporatist vision of the future. I admit, however, that I haven't been following the race at all lately. Can anybody direct me to the latest polls?

As for NMK's national ambitions, her standing amongst the howling pack of clowns and malignant trolls that is the UMP is of no interest to me whatsoever. For the sake of Paris, I hope that she can draw enough support from Greens and the left to win but it is difficult to forget that the UMP (which has its own "red wine and sausages" wing) is actively working to legitimize the extreme right.

Anonymous said...

And for the first time in a very long time, I agree 100% with Nicolas Sarkozy, "Elle ne fait que des conneries", she clearly doesn't have the talent required for her ambitions....

bernard said...

Yes, French politicians are very misogynous.

Perhaps the only female politician who became an icon, though severely attacked and insulted during her time as a Minister when she authored the IVG law, was Mrs Weil. The fact that she did not really have any further political ambition could be related...

To think that just a month ago, this blog and its commentators were gushing over NKM leaves me chuckling and wondering whether physical appearance is not a true political asset, including with intellectuals. I have long wondered if she did not belong to the same category as so many people from ENA: the educated idiots. Personally, what little I knew of her long suggested to me the sort of opinion that Tiberi just voiced. Tiberi is a very bad guy and I have known a lot about him in detail for a very long time, having lived several decades in the fifth, but there is indeed one thing that cannot be denied of him: he knows how to campaign in a local election, just like Chirac knew how to campaign in a national election.

Now, I have noticed as well that people on this blog appear to dislike Hidalgo intensely, and I can't really comment as I don't know her that well. I would just point out that Delanoe clearly nurtured her for many years and chose her, and Delanoe is a very smart and able guy, who could have run for President and won, except for the obvious problem - French politicians are not just misogynous. So I'd be very careful before I concluded that she would make a terrible mayor because this very smart guy does seem to think otherwise.

MCG said...

Misogyny can't account both for NKM's problems and Hidalgo's success. One recent poll showed Parisians regarding Hidalgo as friendlier. Because as Hidalgo promises to destroy the physical patrimony of Paris she smiles a lot?

After reading NKM"s replies to attackers, I'd prescribe a dose of Knute Rockne. Someone please tell NKM that the best defense is a good offense.