Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tiberi Lashes Out

One doesn't have to like Jean Tiberi (and I don't) to relish this exercise in political character assassination:

Tibéri : "NKM s'y prend mal" by Europe1fr

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Mitch Guthman said...

I’m know I’m very late to the party but due to my extremely limited ability to understand spoken French it has taken me awhile to work through the video clip. As far as I can tell with and with the aid of the newspaper reporting, Tiberi’s quips seem quite perceptive, at least as a description of NKM's inadequacy as a political campaigner. If my French was better, I might even find them as devastating as others have.

Nevertheless, unless his purpose is purely to entertain the viewers, I don’t understand why he’s saying this since if NKM follows his “advise,” learns how to campaign, grows some balls and thereby becomes mayor of Paris, presumably the very first thing she’s going to do is to stick a knife in Tiben’s back. I know I would.

But I confess, I'm not sure of the nuance here and wouldn't want to say more without perhaps listening to this clip in my French class.

Unfortunately, time for listening exercises is limited and right now we are working through Guy Martin’s wonderful episode on melons from Cavaillon. Given a choice between enhancing my understanding of Tiberi’s pearls of wisdom and enhancing my ability to buy a good melon on my next trip to Paris, I would choose the melon.