Friday, March 15, 2013

Lèse-Majesté contre le Pingouin en chef

Rumor has it that Carla Bruni's new song, ostensibly about a penguin, is in fact about her husband's successor at the Elysée. If so, Mme Bruni has an inspired eye: there is a remarkable resemblance between President Hollande and a penguin: the gait, the bodily habitus, the rounded form, the stiffness of demeanor, the rather awkward sadness. Ms. Bruni's lyrics go beyond affectionate metaphor, however. She seems to dislike the man: "Il prend son petit air souverain, mais j'le connais moi, l'pingouin, n'a pas de manière de châtelain... Hé le pingouin! si un jour tu recroises mon chemin, je t'apprendrai, le pingouin, je t'apprendrai à me faire le baise main. ... "Ni laid ni beau, l'pingouin, ni haut ni bas, ni froid ni chaud, l'pingouin, ni oui ni non..."

Disobliging, to say the least. When critics took after Carla, the former president understandably took offense, but somehow it's hard to imagine him telling Carla to cool it lest she be accused of lèse-majesté.