Thursday, April 25, 2013

Austerity Routed?

Henry Blodget, equity analyst and inside trader, has declared Paul Krugman the winner in his debate with austerians: yet another sign that austerity is dead. The financial world has turned against it. It's costing them money. Can the politicians be far behind? Krugman ponders the question here.

Bartolone Calls Discreetly for a Change of Course

Claude Bartolone, president of the National Assembly, says that the time has come to inaugurate Phase Two of the Hollande presidency. He is calling for a "strong intervention" by the president of the Republic and a reorientation of policy toward social issues. And he believes that Germany should be challenged, even if it means antagonizing an ally. All in all, a blast at the president, though couched in carefully chosen words.