Saturday, June 1, 2013

Strange Blog Traffic Patterns

Blog traffic has been unusual for the past few weeks. I have been getting large spikes, 2 to 3 times my normal daily traffic, on days when nothing is happening, even on days when I have no new posts. This used to happen only when there were exceptional events: DSK's arrest or "Casse-toi pauvr' con." (That these were the most exceptional events of the past five years in the judgment of the Internet already says something about either the state of French politics or the state of the Internet. But I have no idea what's going on now, and the blog logs, oddly enough, show nothing that would give me a clue.

Anybody have any ideas? Arun, BernardG, other bloggers: Have you seen anything similar?

Finkielkraut Disintegrates

Alain Finkielkraut has attained a new level of spleen. His latest target is what he calls "the divine left," which he believes to be arrogant, doctrinaire, and hermetically sealed against criticism. His evidence for this is, apparently, the Taubira Law. It seems that, in Finkielkraut's mind, the fact that homosexual marriage was authorized by a democratic majority carries no weight. Rather, for him, the new law is the creation of certain television networks which trade on an amalgam of "les banlieues et le show-biz." France, he claims, is not reducible to this sum. The proof of the Finkielkraut inequality is the anti-gay marriage movement. Le Point sees fit to characterize this farrago of nonsense as "brilliant." Go figure.