Friday, November 22, 2013

In Vino Veritas: Bibulous Papists Outdo laïque French

Bibulous papists:
But this is largely because the American population is roughly five times the size of France’s or Italy’s. In 2011, according to figures from the Wine Institute, a trade group in California, Americans drank about 10.46 liters of wine per person; Italians, 37.63 per person; and the French, 45.61 liters. Even France trailed the good people of Luxembourg, who consumed 49.11 liters per person, to say nothing of the Vatican, population 836, each of whom accounted for 62.20 liters.

"Sclerotic" France?

NY Times:
But the unexpectedly strong performance of Germany had a downside, because it highlighted the growing gap between competitive countries concentrated in Northern Europe and a group of sclerotic countries exemplified by Italy and now, it seems, France.