Monday, January 27, 2014

Antisemitism in the Day of Wrath

A commenter on this blog said yesterday that he saw no sign of antisemitism in the Day of Wrath march. This video would seem to provide contradictory evidence. After Dieudonné supporters march past singing the comedian's hilarious little ditty, "Shoah-nanas," the marchers make it clear that their intentions are not pristinely jocular by chanting "Juif, la France n'est pas à toi," as if it were 1934 (h/t AK):


Siegfried said...

I repeat that the antisemtic claims were not the main part of the thing. And comparing the Dieudonné antisemitism with 6 fev. 1934 may not be appropriate. (I would like to explain it a lot more, but it's too long and difficult saying it in english :( )

Boris said...

While I'm as much appalled as you by this, I read
several people saying the chant is using the word
"CRIF" and not "juif". This corresponds to what I hear
in the video. I also think no one in their right mind
would chant the slogan you wrote, if only for the fact
that it would be punished by law.

Art Goldhammer said...

Really? If you were speaking to the CRIF, would you say "toi" and not "vous"? I find this implausible. As for Siegfried, "not the main part of the thing," perhaps, but no one seems terribly concerned about the presence of anti-Semites in their midst. Has anyone denounced them?

Siegfried said...

@M. Goldhammer : the official association "Jour de Colère" probably condemned the antisemitism on their web page, I don't really know actually. But did the French medias try to know it before assimilating all the protesters as neo-nazis or fascists ?

It's especially this partiality, in which I don't incorporate you, that I can't stand anymore.

Boris said...

@Art Goldhammer
Well, according to other sources you seem to be right.
I must say I am so astonished I have a hard time believing this is real.Ugly and frightening.
I hope this will be followed up and the people who did that identified.

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Siegfried,

I believe you are mistaken. I have just visited both their website and Facebook page of the Jour de Colère and I see not the slightest criticism of the Dieudonné, the quenelle or the anti-Semitic chants of the demonstrators which have been well documented.

I do not wish to supply links but these sites are easy to find with Google. I invite you to show me where the official organization or, indeed, anyone who marched on that day, has denounced Dieudonné, the quenelle or the anti-Semitic chants of the demonstrators. Consequently, we now see these people for what they truly are.

The words are nice and spoken by very presentable people but the real meaning of what is being said is ugly. This is a group that pretends to be something it is not. How can any decent person associate himself with this group?