Friday, January 10, 2014

Histoire de la vie privée

I suppose, for completeness sake, I ought to mention that the gossip rag Closer has published pictures purporting to confirm rumors of an affair between the president of the Republic and the actress Julie Gayet. By now, I imagine, France is accustomed to the idea that the private lives of politicians are fodder for the media. The pathetic effort to justify titillation by asking such deep questions as "Does this affect his job performance?" or "Is there a security risk in these nightly scooter rides to the love nest?" is really no longer necessary. Elysologists can speculate openly on the likely response of Mme Trierweiler, and the British tabloids can publish photos of Mme Gayet in the buff, just as they did for Carla Bruni. I believe it was Yasmina Reza who reported Sarkozy's remark to (I think) Brice Hortefeux to the effect that "nous autres politiques, nous sommes des bêtes sexuelles." Indeed. One can only marvel at the display of appetite.

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