Saturday, January 25, 2014

It Ain't Over Till It's Over, but then It's Over

François Hollande officialise sa séparation avec Valérie Trierweiler

L'Elysée a annoncé samedi la séparation du couple présidentiel. Cette nouvelle était attendue après la révélation d'une liaison entre le chef de l'Etat et l'actrice Julie Gayet. (AFP)


Anonymous said...

It Ain't Over Till she releases her vitriolic revenge memoir.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but what a cad.
And I really didn't like Trierweiller after what she did out of spite to François' ex/mother of his children, supporting a political opponent just to make her lose an election and kick her while she could.
But still. Based on her "communiqué" she didn't want things to be announced like that, and he went ahead and did it while she was on a charity trip.
He deserves to be dumped by Julie Gayet, very publicly. :)
Part of it really feels like a high school drama, with the valedictorian being dumped by the class president for the residing mean girl who finds herself dumped by text for the school play lead. It's not even at DeGrassi level, more like Suburgatory. Astounding for this level of government and certainly as bad as anything Sarkozy ever did (although Hollande, here, is indeed being very "normal", I guess.)
Anyway... at least the charity will get maximum exposure, perhaps something good will come out of it for the people it serves.

Mitch Guthman said...

A trivial but amusing update: The Élysée website was apparently the last holdout but now the section devoted to Valérie Trierweiler has been scrubbed. The former First Lady is now officially a non-person.

Cincinna said...

Valérie Trierweiler is the most hated woman in France since Marie Antoinette, but isn't the anger a bit misplaced? People seem to forget it was Hollande who imposed Valerie Trierweiler on the French people, after running a duplicitous election campaign, presenting her as, "la femme de ma vie" "the love of my life", already involved in an affair with another mistress, Julie Gayet. She is a human being, who was used, humiliated, and discarded, in the same way Hollande used Ségolène Royal. Hollande is a serial abuser.

France has very serious problems, economic, societal, and social, as well as international. Hollande is now become an international laughing stock. How Hollande can even attempt to govern, or run for office again after this shameful display of being an out of touch elitist, behaving like an adolescent, with absolutely no realization that as head of state, eyes are always on him.

The soap opera of Dallas-sûr-Seine is but one result of the infantilization of men who refuse to grow up and accept responsibility for their actions, for their families, and the women who enable them. DSK was another. More important than these individual scandals is the damage inflicted on a society ruled by a bourgeois élite of soixante huitards that debases women, and does not value marriage and the family as the fundamental building blocks of a viable society.

A never married heterosexual man of sixty years of age is a Rara Avis, and just odd. BoBo elites, who have the means and the power to live a self indulgent, narcissistic, amoral life. Many, like Hollande, and his ilk, have never done a lick of real work in their lives.