Sunday, January 12, 2014

More trouble for Hollande

More trouble for Hollande: it seems that the apartment he used for his rendezvous with Julie Gayet belongs to an actor who not only plays a gangster in a film about the Corsican mafia but has actual ties to the mafia and received an 18-month suspended sentence for his role in managing the Cercle Wagram, a notorious Parisian gambling den mixed up in several sports corruption affairs.

Charles de Gaulle must be turning over in his grave.


Mitch Guthman said...

My God! What is wrong with this man? How can Hollande do this in the wake of the DSK affair? He must be the biggest f***ing idiot in France. Maybe in the world.

Is it just that they’ve been wandering in the political wilderness for so long as the perpetual “second party” that they’ve lost all sense of political judgment and personal restraint? That it’s stopped being about political beliefs because they all live together in the New Versailles and are privileged to take whatever’s there for the taking?

As I say, I don’t expect politicians to live like monks and the French have always been intelligent about the personal lives of their political leaders but this is beyond the pale.

The PS must look at itself and make some changes if it ever expects to regain the trust of the French people. Is there any way for the PS to oust Hollande and put in somebody else? Anybody else?

Cincinna said...

Vie privée, vie publique! All this is nonsense when the Head of State himself makes a public spectacle of his life. Zipping around town on a scooter with his publicly funded bodyguards running errands getting fresh croissants in the morning to deliver to the love birds. A French farce, un pays d'operette. Quelle honte pour un grand pays comme la france! It's not only de Gaulle turning in his grave, but Mitterrand himself, who never allowed his private intrigues to influence his running of the government (as far as we know.)
This latest revelation, confirmed by two sources, that le Présidential love nest is owned by the head of a CAC 40 company, with ties to the Corsican drug mob, is something that changes everything, and should interest every French voter and taxpayer. Hollande, who famously said in an interview "Je n'aime pas les riche" certainly should be judged by the company he keeps and the hypocrisy of his lifestyle that is mind boggling.
The idea of the President's girlfriend being passed off as "First Lady" of France , at home and abroad, with an office and full staff in the Elysées Palace, on the taxpayer's dime, adds insult to injury, and further embarrassment to France.
Valerie Trierweiler, the most detested woman in France since Marie Antoinette thanks to FH, has now been hung out to dry by her paramour. She is now hospitalized. It's not like he hasn't done this before: his treatment of Ségolène Royal, his "compagne" and mother of his four children was shameful. Sad to see today, she is still covering for him.
France has very serious problems, economic, societal, and social, as well as international. Hollande is now an international laughing stock. All news story are about l'Affaire Hollande ou l'Affaire Dieudonné. How Hollande can even attempt to govern from here on in is beyond me.
@Mitch Is there any provision by which he could be ousted, like impeachment in the US, or is the only option dissolving the government and calling fir new elections? Has anything like this ever happened in the 5ème République?

Anonymous said...

You said it all Cincinna. Sad and bad, the country is in a deep economic crisis as Little Nero fiddles on his trike and lets
Paris burn. Honte indeed.

FrédéricLN said...

Seen from a Parisian suburb, that's nothing. François Holland was not (and has never been) married. And if he has a love affair somewhere, being followed by a bodyguard is required, imho.

bernard said...

As Chirac used to say, "les emmerdes, ça vole en escadrille!" (Art, I'd love a nice translation of this wonderful saying...).

Art Goldhammer said...

"Shit comes in buckets." Not quite as elegant, alas.

bernard said...

Thank you.

DavidinParis said...

Sarko is looking better in retrospect. Unfortunately for France, so is the FN. What a mess we are in---simply rudderless.

Mitch Guthman said...


What you say is undoubtedly true and on any other day I would personally agree that’s Hollande’s love affairs are of concern only to those involved. But Hollande’s turbulent personal life damaged him (and his party) very badly at the start of his presidency. Indeed, his inability to bring order to his personal live has become a widely accepted and very damaging metaphor for his inability to bring order to his own government at a moment of extreme peril to the republic. It is precisely because of this history and the concerns raised by it about his suitability as president that he no longer enjoys the luxury of being able to have such love affairs.

What’s more, just as his predecessors managed their presidencies better, they also managed their outside love affairs better and more discreetly. I personally share Art’s suspicions about the true nature of Mme Trierweiler’s illness and, if it’s true, it reinforces my point about her fragility and Hollande’s callousness in publically humiliating her. It also reinforces my point that Hollande is an idiot if he thought that Valérie Trierweiler would just go gently into that good night when she learned that she’d gone overnight from première dame to being a national laughing stock.

Also, like you, I am not a prig so it does not disturb me in the least that the treasury of France paid for the croissants consumed by Mme. Gayet. Nevertheless, I am just about to begin reading yet another front page article in Le Monde about the apartment where the trysts occurred. I am wondering why the resources of France could not be stretched a bit further so that the Hollande’s police bodyguard might procure a for the happy couple maybe some coffee and perhaps even a background check on the owners of the apartment in addition to the odd croissant.