Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the Publicity of the President's Private Life

As I said the other day, if you want your private life to be private, you shouldn't involve your private partners in your public role. Julie Gayet will no longer serve on the jury of the Villa Médicis, to which she was about to be named by the Minister of Culture, who serves under the president of the Republic, with the support of the president's friend Eric de Chassey, who heads the VM.

And Médiapart expresses some regret that it respected the president's private life when it first heard rumors of his affair with Gayet several months ago (if Médiapart knew, are we really to believe that Mme Trierweiler learned of the affair only on Friday, from Closer?). It is now clear that several matters of public interest were hidden from view by the principle of respect for private life, ranging from the president's security to his appointments policy to the role and staff assigned to the "first lady."

In any case, when a candidate announces that:
"Moi président de la République, je ferai en sorte que mon comportement soit en chaque instant exemplaire"
one is entitled to ask whether chaque instant includes every second of the day, or just time on camera.

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