Sunday, January 19, 2014

US vs France

David Remnick in The New Yorker:
They got in the car and headed for town. Obama’s limousine, a Cadillac said to weigh as much as fifteen thousand pounds, is known as the Beast. It is armored with ceramic, titanium, aluminum, and steel to withstand bomb blasts, and it is sealed in case of biochemical attack. The doors are as heavy as those on a Boeing 757. The tires are gigantic “run-flats,” reinforced with Kevlar. A supply of blood matching the President’s type is kept in the trunk.
President Hollande goes to see Julie Gayet on a motor scooter with a bag of croissants in the saddle bag.


DavidinParis said...

Leaves much to consideration. Does this mean:

1-Obama is more valuable than Holland?
2-Americans have more nutcases with guns?
3-Obama is afraid to drive a scooter (less so to shoot a gun)?
4-And you know what they say about men in big cars...does this mean that Holland has a...oh never mind.

brent said...

Actually what we see here is what's left of Hollande's environmental policy, with his redressement of the French economy in the saddlebag.