Sunday, January 12, 2014

Valérie Trierweiler Hospitalized

Valérie Trierweiler hospitalisée

L'Elysée confirme les informations du "Parisien" selon lesquelles la première dame est hospitalisée. La compagne de François Hollande a été admise à l'hôpital vendredi après-midi pour un "gros coup de blues" après la révélation dans le magazine "Closer" d'une liaison entre le chef de l'Etat et la comédienne Julie Gayet.

Suddenly, Hollande's amorous escapades are no longer a joking matter. It's hard to see how this can do the president any good. Even the Sarkozy soap opera never descended to such tragic depths. In a quasi-royal presidential system like the French, the health of the body politic itself suffers when the president is damaged to such a degree. I shake my head in sadness.


Jeremiah Riemer said...

Makes you think maybe Zaretsky has a point:

Jeremiah Riemer said...

Mitch Guthman said...

This is simply incomprehensible. Once again, Hollande’s fractious family life jeopardizes his presidency. But this time it is not Trierweiler’s neophyte misstep that threatens everything. Has this irresponsible fool learned nothing?

Surely it must have been obvious to Hollande that a man whose romantic escapades nearly derailed his presidency before it had even begun would not, let us say, enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities in his personal life as did his predecessors.

It speaks very poorly of Hollande as a person and as a political leader that he could not control himself. After all, he will be leaving office in 2017. He couldn’t keep it in his pants until then, even with everything that is at stake for his party and his country in the present crisis? The man is a politically tone-deaf imbecile.

On a human level, however, this is even more troubling. I am no moralist and people’s marriages and their relationships are their own business. I once said that I do not expect politicians to live like monks and I stand by those words. Besides which, Hollande’s conduct as a man is beyond my purview as a political commenter, so I will have little to say about it.

Nevertheless, Valérie Trierweiler is a human being and apparently quite a fragile one. I had no idea, but surely her fragility could not possibly have escaped the notice of her lover? But even for those who have no relationship with Trierweiler, her unease with her role as première dame has always been obvious. She has often seemed vulnerable and uncomfortable because she and Hollande are not formally married and thus she was “première dame” only on sufferance.

One would have thought that, as her lover and “significant other”, Hollande would have been highly sensitive and, even protective, as regards the question of Trierweiler’s vulnerability about her status. Instead, he publicly undermined her in the cruelest, most humiliating way imaginable. His conduct as a man is reprehensible. He is a cad of the worst sort.

My sympathies are entirely with Valérie Trierweiler in this sordid affair. I wish her a speedy return to good health. My entirely unsolicited and probably unwanted advise is to dump the goujat and run for public office in her own right.

Anonymous said...

@Mitch: VT is actually reported to be widely detested in the country for being very pushy, bossy and an absolute bitch towards S. Royal and her children. One report suggests FH has taken up with the actress to rid himself of VT, not that his behaviour generally is anything but demeaning and un-presidential.

FrédéricLN said...

I wonder whether media will criticize this instrumentalization of the health system. Since when did "gros coup de blues" become a disease requiring hospitalization?

(Taking some rest, for sure. But is an hospital the adequate place for that?)

Art Goldhammer said...

Frédéric, Don't you suspect a euphemism for something more serious, like an overdose of pills? I do.

Cincinna said...

I fear Art is right, and "gros coup de blues" is a euphemism for an overdose or heart attack. Since the French system is very obscure about health issues, we may never know the truth.
I have sympathy for this woman, who was put into the goldfish bowl of public scrutiny, which is the reality of our media age, then humiliated and hung out to dry. She obviously made poor choices, leaving her husband and children for a man who had just done the same thing to Ségolène Royal, mother of his four children, but she is a human being who has been used and thrown away like Kleenex.
There is no abuse of the French health system. It isn't VT's character that should be at issue, but that of the seigneur she willingly serves, like les favorites de l'ancien régime. I understand Valérie is the most hated woman in France since Marie Antoinette, but isn't the anger a bit misplaced? She is a human being, and Hollande is a serial abuser.
To many women in France, "freedom" is riding the Metro without pants. Women are still low on the totem pole in government, industry, and power, and the glass ceiling exists in almost every area of life.
The current soap opera of Dallas-sûr-Seine is one result of the infantilization of men who refuse to grow up and accept responsibility for their actions, for their families, and the women who enable them.