Monday, February 3, 2014

Europe and Venture Capital

This is a very interesting piece by a Finnish entrepreneur and Silicon Valley insider. Europe has a vibrant tech/entrepreneurial scene, he says, but it's fallen off the US radar:
Go to Europe these days – to Berlin, London, Helsinki – drop in on any of the regional tech confabs and you will quickly see that the European startup scene is in the most bustling, vibrant shape it’s ever been. The potential is everywhere, and the energy is undeniable. Then you return Stateside, in my case to Palo Alto, and Europe isn’t just irrelevant among the tech industry power-set. It has virtually ceased to exist.
That is a mistake. Blame for the ruptured relationship lies on both sides of the Atlantic, but it is Europeans that have the power, and should have the motivation, to mend things.
I wonder where Paris fits on this map: Berlin, London, Helsinki--none of these cities is in France. (h/t FM)

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Louis said...

Sten Tamkivi is Estonian, and carries the worldview of the Estonian techgeneration. Paris is below their radar, because of the same provincialism Sten describes in the Palo Alto start-up guys. A pity, because there is lots happening in Paris, or Madrid for instance in terms of technical know-how and start-ups. It just doesn't register on the globalized Anglo-saxon scene.