Monday, February 10, 2014

Is There a Fronde in the PS?

Le Monde suggests that "left-wing" Socialists close to Benoît Hamon and Julien Dray are up in arms about the Responsibility Pact, but even more so about being excluded from the podium at the upcoming party gathering.

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Mitch Guthman said...

I somewhat appreciate the significance of being on the podium in the sense that they feel disrespected and cast aside both as politicians and as representatives of the left in what is now apparently a party of center-right (now apparently looking even to dump the socialist name).

On the other hand, given that Hollande is quite possibly the single least respected, most unpopular mainstream politician in modern French history and is likely to be leading the party to some truly epic, soul-crushing defeats in the next two elections, one must seriously ask why anyone would want to be on the podium with the current leadership? Is there even a way to be on the podium with the clowns and not be seen as at least tacitly endorsing the Responsibility Pact?

This might be a good year for the left and centre-left to stay away and remind the elephants and dinosaurs that loyalty is earned.

And, quite frankly, if I were French I would stay continue staying away until after the 2017 presidential election, too.