Monday, March 31, 2014

Kapil on the Election

My fellow political blogger Arun Kapil has always delivers some solid insights, such as this:
After the 2008 elections the PS was looking to be the party of cities, the one with the strongest local base, but now the UMP/UDI have taken that mantle (and with the UDI, led by François Bayrou in Pau, taking its share of communes, meaning that it will be a big center-right player in the coming years) . Even the PS victories in the large aforementioned cities have to be relativized, as the intercommunal administrative structures that have been established over the years, and particularly since the 1990s—and which will progressively supplant the communes themselves in local decision-making—, will also pass to the right.

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Anonymous said...

I made a small error - now corrected - in the passage you quoted, in referring to "intercommunal administrative structures" when I meant to say *governing* structures, as these are, in fact, elective bodies (indirectly, by municipal councils, which select representatives to the 'communautés urbaines' according to the population of the commune).