Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Buisson Affair Continues

We still don't know who leaked the Patrick Buisson recordings, but we do know that, according to Le Monde, Buisson appears to be an even more unsavory character than he seemed when all we knew about was his frequentation of the extreme right. His habit of covert recordings is said to date from way back. He has quarreled with many people, including his own son, who no longer speaks to him, with whom he engaged in fisticuffs at TF1, and whom he used as an allegedly unwitting front for two corporations apparently involved in extracting money from the government for polling at inflated prices. And yet Nicolas Sarkozy chose this man as a trusted advisor. This lapse of judgment may slow the momentum of the Sarkocomeback, which had been gathering speed in recent weeks as the current UMP leadership was engulfed by still other scandals.


Mitch Guthman said...

Unless there is something truly horrible on the tapes, I don't see this affair changing anything. The Sarkozy boomlet has everything to do with the unacceptability of the other prospective candidates and very little to do with Sarkozy himself. In better times, his morally bankrupt campaign to legitimize the FN as a way of attracting hard right votes would be enough to turn good republicans of all stripes against him forever. But all of the other likely candidates are truly horrible and so Sarkozy, most regrettably, remains the best of a really bad lot.

Pipérade said...

Curious that this affair has come to light just in time for the local elections..
Must be pure coincidence!☺