Saturday, March 29, 2014

The President's Agenda

  • Lundi 31 Mars

    • 10h00
      Entretien avec M. Manuel VALLS, ministre de l’Intérieur
    • 13h00
      Déjeuner avec M. Jean-Marc AYRAULT, Premier ministre
  • Mardi 01 Avril

    • 08h30
      Entretien avec M. Laurent FABIUS, ministre des Affaires étrangères
    • 15h00
      Entretien avec M. Bill GATES, président de la Fondation Bill et Melinda Gates
    • Looks like a remaniement in the works: Valls gets the nod Monday morning, Ayrault is sacked a couple of hours later, Fabius is tapped ... to become Czar of Bercy, replacing Moscovici and all the other mini-ministers over there. At least that's my guess. What's yours? Then Bill Gates comes in to discuss what? AIDS in Africa? Transitioning all of France to Windows 8?


Mitch Guthman said...

What's the point of this? A clown show with the same clowns playing different roles is still a clown show.

The problem with having a bunch of clowns as ministers isn’t that one clown would be better as Prime Minister while another would shine at Justice, it’s that a government of all clowns is a doomed government.

France needs a government of real talents who are committed to the social welfare state and who are ready to implement economic policies that will help the French economy to quickly recover. It's time for Hollande and his band of clowns to get into their clown car and for the circus to leave town.

Passerby said...

May be Bill will enter the government?

(Now that would make the headlines for quite some time and a few die-hard socialists will be eating their party membership card)

PF said...

Would Hollande really replace Moscovici? They've always been close and seem to see eye to eye on big-picture policy and strategy, divided against themselves in the same center-left way, going back to before either had a major political career.

Louis said...

I dearly hope he keeps Fabius in the Foreign Ministry. The man has done good work there, and there is a chance that any successor bar maybe Hubert Védrine would not do as well.

As to a reshuffle of government, yeah, well. How long will it take for the novelty to wear off in the press and the public? A day or two? A week?

Then, what kind of change in politics would be possible with a new government? Take Merkel by storm? Leave the euro? Propose a new European treaty? Employ on public funds 3,5 millions unemployed? Cut the entire system of employers' contributions in the hope that firms will employ? Close the borders? ... I don't know.

Martha Zuber said...

Martha says that they were wondering on France Cu this morning if Valls would not be a kind of French "third way", Tony Blair politician.