Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Une quenelle dans l'urne"

This is unbelievable: two racists, so extreme that they were excluded from the Front National, whose campaign poster features the slogan "Glissez une quenelle dans l'urne," got 11.49% of the vote in Vénissieux.


Anonymous said...

Art: triste and horrifying though it is, if you use this hashtag - #quenelle- on Twitter you will be astounded at how far "quenelle" has apparently become part of the political lexicon and not just in France.

Anonymous said...

This Yvan Benedetti headed the FN list in Vénissieux in the 2008 municipal elections, in which he received almost exactly the same percentage and vote total as last Sunday. He clearly has an audience there.


bert said...

Here's the front of the leaflet:

They chose these photos for their own campaign material. Which means this is the most impressive the pair of them will ever look.

Might be worth posting the photo, along with the theme music from Laurel and Hardy on autoplay.

ND said...


As horrible as this result may be, it should be noted that the Front de Gauche candidate came in first in Venissieux with 30% of the vote.

Does Melenchon have a point here, when he claims that the media have ignored the rather strong performance of the far left in favor of focussing on the FN's advances?: