Monday, March 31, 2014

Valls Is In

Manuel Valls nommé premier ministre, selon Matignon

Au lendemain de la cuisante défaite de la gauche aux élections municipales, François Hollande, qui s'exprimera à 20 heures, a demandé à Manuel Valls, en remplacement de Jean-Marc Ayrault, de former un nouveau gouvernement, selon Matignon.


Anonymous said...

Valls? This is a disaster.


Anonymous said...

To me it seems a huge strategic mistake: the left lost because those who supported Hollande didn't show at the polls, either because they didn't feel he was "policing on the left", or because their circumstances haven't changed at all. Lots of grumbling on the ecological front, too (especially since Batho's left.)
Valls is neither known for being "social left" nor for being "green". It's as if his nomination indicates the president thought Ayrault's problem was one of style and form... sure, Valls is the opposite of Ayrault on that, but in terms of a new direction, this choice makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

@Anon; a major grumble is over taxes and he only promised relief there for 2017. Well at this rate he won't be around to deliver.