Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Désir to Head European Affairs, Cambadélis to Take Over Party

Harlem Désir's days as head of the PS were clearly numbered after the municipal election fiasco, but to kick him upstairs to European Affairs to get rid of him is not a good move. Yes, Jouyet will be calling the shots from the Elysée, but relations with the EU are crucial, and Désir is a novice in this area (and didn't demonstrate much skill as party leader either).

Cambadélis is an apparatchik, so he'll be right at home at Solférino. The question is how to rebuild the party. If Camba has any ideas about how to do this, I don't know what they are.


Massilian said...

The whole thing with Harlem Desir is a bloody shame and scandal. This guy was already sentenced in 98 for "recel d'abus de bien sociaux", he shouldn't be part of any government, since then he failed in every mission he was given. Not good enough to be head of the PS, he is nominated secrétaire d'Etat aux Affaires Européennes and it appears he has an absence record of over 50% at the EU Parliament ! Who runs this show ? I want my money back !

Anonymous said...

Desir has been a novice (and a non- entity) since he first came to prominence in the 80s leading "touche pas mon pote" rabble rousers. His attendance at the EP is abysmal, he ought to be put put out to grass.

FrédéricLN said...

Harlem Désir was (and remains) a very polite person; he tried to keep the Parti socialiste socialist while approving and supporting the administration.

Mr Cambadélis is, from my point of view, a hardliner of "la première gauche": what counts is the fact that the party (well, its former leaders) holds the power, that's the highest achievement a party can expect, period.

The public voice of the party may be reduced to "counter-attacking the right when the right criticizes the administration".