Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pauvre François

The president is in such trouble that he can't even lay a wreath in memory of Jaurès without getting booed, jeered, and attacked by a tenacious woman in the crowd  (watch the video at the link) who tells him "You haven't kept your promises, Mr. President." Socialist nostalgia is no longer operative; the restive masses would like to see some actual socialist practice.

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Cincinna said...


We were thrilled to be at Carla Bruni's sold out concert at Town Hall in NY tonight. She was gracious, charming, and very musical.
Biggest event of the evening was, just as I had expected, the appearance of her husband. Sarko came in through the side door, walked to his seat amid applause and loud cheers, then stood around for about 10 minutes talking to everyone, shaking hands, and taking pictures. We all realized we were witnessing a major campaign rally for SARKOZY 2017!
After the concert, more applause, cheers, and everyone calling him "Mr President." I was able to exchange a few words, shake hands, and take a few pictures. He was very accessible. He is a natural, and seems to genuinely enjoy being around people, and chatting. He asked me a few questions. When I said "I live here now, no longer in Paris" he laughed and said "Come back!"
Carla speaks of him lovingly, with great affection, and when she sings onstage, he just lights up and smiles. it all seems very genuine. Sarko and Carla are a great tandem team politically, the George Burns and Gracie Allen of French politics - she puts the asses in the seats, then he comes in and gets the standing ovation. When people asked him if he would run for President, he laughed and gave the classic French shrug. A very brilliant non-campaign campaign.
Sarko, Carla, and their adorable daughter, Giulia, also made the front page of the NY Daily News and the UK Daily Mail, taking a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. Entering into the major carriage horse controversy being waged by our new Mayor, Bill the Bolshevik, who wants to ban them. Guess he isn't interested in the Irish vote!