Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The New Government

Ségolène Royal and François Rebsamen are in; Vincent Peillon and Pierre Moscovici are out. Arnaud Montebourg has been promoted to Minister of the Economy. Christiane Taubira remains at Justice. Cazeneuve has moved to Interior. Martine Aubry remains nowhere in sight.

Kremlinologists can read into these retouches various tensions that must exist within the Socialist Party. It's interesting that Montebourg has outlasted his two arch-enemies, Ayrault and Moscovici, especially since his policy preferences seem at odds with the steady-as-she-goes (straight to the bottom?) approach to the economy. His mellifluous tongue will no doubt be used to sugar-coat the bitter pills ahead. This is an all-Socialist governments. There are no Greens, Communists, or centrists.

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