Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Economic Patriotism" Is Back

Arnaud Montebourg:
« Le choix que nous avons fait, avec le premier ministre, est un choix de patriotisme économique. Ces mesures de protection des intérêts stratégiques de la France sont une reconquête de notre puissance, explique M. Montebourg auMonde. Nous pouvons désormais bloquer des cessions, exiger des contreparties. C'est un réarmement fondamental de la puissance publique. La France ne peut pas se contenter de discours quand les autres Etats agissent. »
Left GaulloLiberalism?


bert said...

In a way it's impressive that you continue to cover the pronouncements of this government as though they have any kind of internal consistency or contact with reality.

In this case, it's bullshit filched from Sarkozy. Further proof that, left or right, everyone in the Fifth Republic is essentially a Gaullist.

"Jusqu'ici cantonné à onze activités liées à la défense et à la sécurité ..." Errrr, nope. The Danone law was about protecting France's precious yoghurt reserves. The enemy there was Pepsi, which is full of sugar and makes Americans fat, stupid, crass, charmless and stupid, and also fat.

Anonymous said...

All of course contrary to EU single market regulations. Gonna be interesting to see how quickly this is dropped once the Euro elections are out of the way. Its an unsubtle effort to defang Marine le Pen!

Mitch Guthman said...

I assume that this is somehow supposed to be appealing to French people with political views similar to mine. But, really, what does this even mean? France is withdrawing from NATO again? France is withdrawing from the euro? France is withdrawing from Eurovision?

Seriously, I actually think that this would be an excellent rhetorical preface to an explanation of why France is going her own way on an issue like deficit targets but I have to agree with Bert that, in the absence of concrete proposals about an actual controversy, this is just so much silly, vapid posturing. More to the point, it is apparently an attempt to wrap a preference for one buyer over another in a cloak of economic nationalism even though he isn't actually trying to make the case that a takeover by the German company would better for France.