Saturday, May 10, 2014

Génération Identitaire: Vigilantes in the Métro

An extreme-right groupuscule called Génération Identitaire has begun what it picturesquely calls tournées antiracailles in the Paris Métro, having tested the practice in Lille and Lyon. These vigilante patrolmen wear yellow plastic jackets and distribute leaflets. They claim not to be looking for trouble, their only desire being to call the attention of the authorities to what they say is a mounting problem of security on the subway.


Anonymous said...

Well they may be onto something. Rue 89 reports uniformed police from China will patrol Paris streets with les flics because of the increasing numbers of Chinese tourists being mugged there.

DavidinParis said...

We had the Guardian Angels in New York for years...originally feared as a vigilante group, it ultimately heralded major changes in safety in the city and subways. This stated, they did not come from the extreme right but from the very minority groups that were often blamed for crimes.

Anonymous said...

every time public services ignore a real problem, the extreme right figures out a way to do something about it.
This group is the same one that organizes free self defense classes (for women or young people), in public... of course, the subtext is that you see a group of European looking people getting ready to fight off a (darker skinned) attacker.