Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Succinct Summary of the EU Elections

No one in Europe is satisfied with the status quo, except the Germans, who are the only people capable of changing it.


TexExile said...

Crisply put. Sadly, I could not agree more.

TexExile said...

One positive result from a big country: Italy. Renzi has done well, Forza Italia has bombed and Grillo has failed to make the gains that some were predicting just a short time ago. Given what Renzi staked on this election, that is, on balance, good news.

mensagensnanett said...

Three Rights which, in my opinion, should be preserved:
1 - The right to survival of indigenous identities: see the blog "50-SEPARATISM-50." [English]
2 - The right to monoparenthood in traditionally monogamous societies: see the blog "The Origin Of Sex Taboo". [English]
3 - The right to veto who pays (the taxpayer): see blog "Fim-da-Cidadania-Infantil". [Portuguese]

Mortimer Randolph said...

It seems from US the two proposals, offered in contradiction of one another by Latin Europe and blonde Europe, respectively, are monetary easing and labor market liberalization.

These policies seem complementary. Both would help toward growth and full employment. Blonde Europe seems more powerful - blonde Europe can veto ECB rationalization of monetary policy, Latin Europe politicians can't afford to antagonize the employed populations by revoking cherished labor protections - and more pacific - Latin Europe has surging isolationist parties, workers devalued by disuse, Germany etc have relatively low unemployment, ok growth.

Europe needs more Schroders, but politicians will b dissuaded by his results.

Maybe these elections will b the safe word for the blondies unmoved by lowflation. Too much to hope for an answer in June?