Saturday, July 12, 2014

Is the UMP About to Explode?

According to Le Monde, one-third of UMP sympathizers think the party should dissolve. The "war of the chiefs," the Bygmalion scandal, the €74 million debt, the revelations of nepotism and high-living among insiders, the Sarkozy scandals and their repercussions -- it's all been too much for M. et Mme Dupont. Various former dignitaries have been hurling brickbats at one another. Rachida Dati says it's not her fault if François Fillon felt humiliated by her man Sarkozy for 7 years. Fillon's people are busy leaking evidence of Jean-François Copé's mismanagement of the party, his (and Dati's) cell phone bills, and the thousands spent on travel and salary for Copé's wife to serve as his "special assistant." It's no wonder the UMP was so desperate to win the 2012 election: it was the only the way to keep the lid on this bacchanalia, which is awaiting the poet capable of rendering it in a latter-day Satyricon.


Massilian said...

On vous sent très en forme sur le sujet. On aurait mauvaise grâce à bouder le plaisir de vous lire.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly what I was trying to express last week. :( Everybody's fed up yet felt stuck with Sarkozy for a win. That poll where most sympathizers wanted him back smelled fishy even then.
The leaks and manipulations don't surprise many, even though clearly the justice process has been corrupted by Sarkozy and his minions- how many more sources paid with rewards/bribes or threatened are there inside the police, the justice system?
It's very discouraging for democracy.
However, Juppé is looking better and better for 2017. At least when he got corrupted, he didn't try to bribe people and didn't alter the course of punishment. We all know he took the fall for Chirac; he famously went to Canada, taught, and came back (probably not changed and probably not what Buisson would call "populaire" but look at the alternative...)