Thursday, July 10, 2014

My NY Times Op-Ed



FrédéricLN said...

Congratulations for this excellent paper.

"Mr. Sarkozy maintained that any finagling with the books was strictly party business and had nothing to do with him or his campaign:" yes, and no column in France (among those I did read) noticed his nuance between his actual disclaimer, and any denial of the facts.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Scheniderman did.
Look for 07/3, Sarkozy à l'épanchoir.

Thank you for this column Art. So much better than the weird article the NYT published a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting to hear your thoughts on this issue, Arthur, but thought they would be here, where I have been fiendishly for all of the UMP drama. How nice to see you at a such a large podium on these topics.

I'm astounded by the lack of response from the PS other than silly mud-slinging. I've never seen two political parties so rudderless, so overtaken by incompetents, since the American GOP. I was sort of hoping that a nominally parliamentary system could produce faster change, but the French political class never seems to abandon its main players. What will it take to dump these fools for some new people and ideas, from elsewhere but ENA? The execrable FN cannot remain the only alternative in a multicultural, modern country like France.

Unfortunately, as a relatively recent arrival to France (eight years) I have nothing to offer this discussion other than sorrow. Because the political instincts of the country are really baffling to me.