Monday, August 25, 2014

Awaiting the Purge

On the chopping block?

Se pose ensuite la question du sort de la ministre de la culture, Aurélie Filippetti, qui a toujours affiché une proximité avec le ministre de l'économie, et de celui de la ministre de la justice, Christiane Taubira. Selon une journaliste de BFM, la ministre de la justice a en effet envoyé durant le week-end un message de soutien à Arnaud Montebourg et à Benoît Hamon.


Mitch Guthman said...

I suppose everything in life comes down to a question of perspective and choice of metaphor. You say chopping block; I say life raft.

I'm not a huge Montebourg fan but I have great respect for his political instincts. I think he saw the rocks looming and made a very deliberate choice to provoke a crisis that would let him swim to safety before the doomed ship that is the PS finally breaks apart on the rocks.

Taubira would be wise to take this possibly final opportunity hop on the life raft and regain her freedom, too.

Anonymous said...

@Mitch. He's a lawyer not a politician. He has no seat in parliament and no power base, a butterfly without a perch.

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Anonymous,

True but at least he will be floating above the shipwreck instead of being drowned.

Montebourg has evidently decided that that going down with the good ship Hollande is a poor career move. I think he's right. Sometime very soon, others will need to make that choice, too.

Unknown said...

Montebourg hasn't practiced law for quite some time. He is pres of the regional council of Saône-et-Loire and will continue to play a political role. His resignation is a step toward another presidential run, so he's no butterfly.