Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday Night Massacre

Manuel Valls has responded true to form to Montebourg's provocation. If Montebourg is le beau parleur, Valls remains the Decider, and he acted decisively, firing not just Montebourg but the entire government. Those who are rehired or reshuffled will presumably take a loyalty oath: "I will not emulate Montebourg, Hamon, or Duflot." And then the new government will limp on.

For how long? The breach in the Socialist Party, formerly barely covert, is now an open, bleeding wound. Les députés frondeurs smell the blood and may well balk at approving the reworked Responsibility Pact. And then what? The Right will be calling ever more loudly for Hollande--now at 17% in the polls--to resign. Quelle mascarade! as de Gaulle would have said. And to make the farce still more farcical, Sarkozy is expected to announce in the next week or so whether he intends to return to politics, in the wake of Juppé's declaration that he will be a candidate for the presidency of the UMP.

I expect to enjoy my upcoming trip to France immensely.

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FrédéricLN said...

Welcome again in France!

It looks like Juppé is running for Elysée 2017, not UMP 2014. But that is an issue: if Sarkozy takes UMP in 2014, why would he give the slightest chance to Juppé of running in 2017 instead of himself?