Monday, November 17, 2014

Putin's French Supporters

From the "Politics makes strange bedfellows department." Putin has some staunch supporters in France, including Thierry Mariani, leader of la Droite populaire, the ultra-rightist faction of the UMP; François Fillon; the right sovereignist Philippe de Villiers and left sovereignist Jean-Pierre Chevènement; the gauchiste Jean-Luc Mélenchon; and his nemesis on the extreme right, Marine Le Pen. Ce qui fait déjà beaucoup.


Anonymous said...

I suppose the common trait among this motley crew is an anti-liberalism, or anti-cosmopolitanism, well present in the French political landscape. Few fans of NATO to be found among this group.

Anonymous said...

Another thing the French right has in common with Putin is nostalgia for the good old days of Empire. Unlike France, Putin's Russia can actually claw back some of its territorial losses, and create a ring of vassal states on its edges.

Anonymous said...

Je viens de découvrir ton site et je trouverais interessant que tu cite tes sources quand tu postes.

Je ne crois et je ne m'interesse à rien sortant d'un inconnu sans source... merci :)

Anonymous said...

j'ai vue(en partie) la source de "le monde" malheureusement il faut payer pour le lire en integralité.

j'ai lu d'autres articles(pas assez malheureusement) mais je respecte le travail qui a été fait jusque là.

Anonymous said...

Few fans of NATO to be found among this group.

I like to post the question, "Why is the US still in NATO?" from time to time. Still looking for a response. Any takers?