Monday, December 15, 2014

FN, LGBT, même combat?

The "pinkwashing" (h/t Karim Batar) of the FN was the talk of the town last week, but I wonder if this article is for real or just lazy journalism. Didier Lestrade takes the outing of Florian Philippot, Marine Le Pen's strategist, and the rallying of GayLib founder Sébastien Chenu as evidence that gays in general are turning to the FN out of frustration and disappointment with both the PS and the UMP, the latter because it supported the anti-gay Manif pour Tous and the former because its response was muted. Is there any substance to this? I find it hard if not impossible to credit.


Mitch Guthman said...

I am similarly skeptical of this reporting, in the sense that the ostensible reasons do not seem plausible. Nevertheless, Marine Le Pen's seemingly greater openness towards homosexuals suggests that any drift towards the FN is prompted more by receptiveness of their stance on Europe, immigration and the economy than a desire to punish the mainstream parties.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a significant difference between sexual identity liberalism and the economic liberalism of the center-left. If MLP is prepared to foreswear, however tacitly, actually rolling back the gains that the gay rights movement has made then homosexuals would have considerably greater room to maneuver politically.

Essentially, once the threat related to their sexual identity is removed from the equation, they're faced with the same unappetizing choices as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

extremely skeptical and, in my opinion, very lazy reporting.
Marine Le Pen has understood that position wrt the LGBT community has become a litmus test of "modernity" (I'm not quite sure how to explain this but... I'm looking for a word that means "not outdated and not mainstreaming to the 60+ crowd") since young people under 30 are overwhelmingly indifferent to gays in comparison to the 60+ demographic in France. The Fn is targeting young people - trying to make important inroads with youth who don't have a "bac" or have a "bac pro" (as well as aiming for the CAP/BEP/drop out crowd), beefing up the FN youth groups, presenting "young" candidats (especially the good looking ones), etc.
So, they manage to appear tolerant and gain votes, not in the gay community, but among the under-30 crowd who's indifferent to the LGBT community. There may well be many homophobes among them, but the party leadership also wins points by indicating that what matters is being French, regardless of who you love - and thus reaches out to more voters.
It's like when Hollande spoke about youth in his speeches: he wasn't trying to get votes from them, he was trying to get votes from their parents and grandparents who worried about their kids/grandkids' future.
Marine Le Pen is playing the long con.