Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gay Liberation Leader Joins Marine Le Pen


Sébastien Chenu, le fondateur de GayLib, "mouvement associé à l'UDI, regroupant les LGBT de droite et de centre droit", rejoint le Rassemblement Bleu Marine.

"Son ralliement est la preuve de l'ouverture du RBM et que de plus en plus d'anciens adhérents UMP nous rejoignent", explique Gilbert Collard, député RBM, au Tout s'est passé il y a cinq mois "autour d'une bonne table via Gilbert Collard" selon le site, qui précise que ce dernier devrait par ailleurs annoncer "dans les prochains mois plusieurs ralliements importants" au mouvement associé au FN.


Anonymous said...

Today's debate, "can a magazine 'out' a politician and his companion?" ... what about when said politician is FN?
(Personally, I do find this kind of "outing" disgraceful, unless the person has made homophobic statements for political gains, which isn't the case here. Overall, the issue seems muddled in reactions -- not just because it's a magazine outing a personality, but because the FN reacted by saying "what if WE outed journalists?" and because the politician is FN, which seems contradictory or counterintuitive...
Wondering if it'll change something in the FN "culture" (not that they'd embrace Mariage pour tous, but that the rank-and-file could become less homophobic?...)

Anonymous said...

Surely the outing was a reaction to the Gaylib move?

Anonymous said...

I don't think both are linked, since Closer plans its stories ahead of time and that Chenu's joining the FN ranks was kept a secret and certainly unknown to Closer. Unless you're suggesting that the Closer photoshoot was somehow orchestrated by the Fn in order to.. what, exactly?

brent said...

@ anonymous (2)
No opinion on whether the FN could/would have orchestrated the photo shoot. But why would they? Because it serves them to a T. Here they are, victims of a crime against the 'sacred' Republican value of the vie privée. As such, they must be ... Republican, just like the other parties. This is win/win for the FN: they gain victimhood, a certain legitimacy, and lose .. some skinhead gay-bashers and troglodytes they don't really want anyway. They also gain the cachet of a modern, even progressive-looking movement. I wouldn't underestimate these guys or their role in engineering this double media coup.

Mitch Guthman said...

The larger point being overlooked here that there is a significant difference between sexual identity liberalism and the economic liberalism of the center-left.

If the FN is prepared to tacitly agree that it won’t seek to rollback the gains towards equal rights made by homosexuals, this is a politically smart move by both sides.