Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Bad Economic News

Les mauvaises rentrées fiscales font déraper le budget de l'Etat

L'Etat a enregistré des recettes fiscales moins bonnes que prévu en 2013, avec 3,7 milliards d'euros de moindres rentrées par rapport aux prévisions. Les dépenses, elles, ont baissé de 0,6 milliard d'euros. ("Le Monde")

Paul Krugman Counters French Pessimsim

Things are just not that bad, he insists.

Perry Anderson's Paean to Nantes

Perry Anderson isn't always an enthusiast of France. One recalls his brilliant "Dégringolage" of some years back (my critique is here). But now he is back in the pages of the London Review with a paean to Nantes and its Institut d'Études Avancées, the work of Alain Supiot, one of the French intellectuals Anderson most admires. The essay is written with Anderson's characteristic grace and richness of detail and makes a nice counter to the recent spate of French bashing in American and British publications.