Friday, February 14, 2014

French Cancer Treatment

I had a post a while back wondering how French cancer treatment would have compared with the treatment I received at Dana Farber in Boston. Here's an account that makes the French system sound awfully good, although I have to say that Sloan-Kettering, by this account, wasn't nearly as good as the Farber, where I rarely had to wait and radiation and chemo ran on a very tight schedule.

Léon Blum Fights a Duel: Video!

 An extraordinary document. The future prime minister of the Popular Front fights with rival literary critic Pierre Weber. That's Blum on the left, of course, in his black poet's hat and black tunic. A rather different image of the young Blum from the usual dandyish, languid, Proustian ephebe--a point that Pierre Birnbaum makes in his forthcoming biography of Blum, which I'm translating for Yale.