Tuesday, February 25, 2014

90 Percent of French Youths Believe Finance Runs the World

Le Monde:
Mais pour la moitié des 18-25 ans, c'est tout vu, les politiques sont « tous corrompus ». Ces derniers ont bien encore du pouvoir (64 % des réponses), mais l'utilisent mal, puisqu'ils laissent la finance diriger le monde (90 %).
This survey of French youths, conducted by sociologists Cécile Van de Velde and Camille Peugny, paints a very pessimistic portrait indeed. Youth unemployment is skyrocketing, young people are exceedingly pessimistic, nearly 50% of those with low-status or no diplomas are unemployed, etc. Given these overwhelmingly bad numbers, the remarkable thing is that France has not seen more unrest.

The History of French Intervention in Africa

The role of Jacques Foccart, "Monsieur Afrique," is discussed here.