Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What a Mess

Just when it seemed as though  the Socialists had caught a break, they managed to turn it into another disaster. The judges had been eavesdropping on Sarkozy and his lawyer in regard to a case of influence peddling. How could that possibly damage the Socialists? Well, for starters, the minister of justice, Christiane Taubira, lied about having been informed about the wiretaps by the police--as she had required them to do under general rules she herself laid down at the beginning of her term. There was no reason for this lie. It was perfectly proper for her to be informed of the existence of the taps, which had been initiated by independent judges. She was not, as far as we know, informed of the content. So the right course was to say she knew. But she didn't. Now the whole case is so muddied and tainted that Sarkozy will probably get off yet again, assuming he did what  he's alleged to have done.

What a mess. And who is most likely to benefit from this imbroglio? The Front National, of course.