Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bernard Girard

With great sadness I must announce the death of my blogging confrère Bernard Girard. Bernard's blog was always an inspiration to me, and I invariably learned from his astute and perspicacious comments on the French political scene. He commented frequently on this blog as well, and I know that some of you discovered Bernard's blog through this one and became his loyal readers. I will miss him. Rest in peace, cher Bernard.

Compromesso storico: New UMP or Godfather IV?

The UMP has struck its "historic compromise," which will last, if all goes well, until the party elects a new president in October ... or until one of the many petits juges after the top party brass turns up more dirt on Copé, Sarkozy, Hortefeux, Guéant, Woerth, and others currently under investigation. Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre Raffarin has persuaded his co-triumvirs Juppé and Fillon, themselves rivals to the death, to avert an open split in the party by installing Luc Châtel, a presumably loyal Sarkozy lieutenant--someone should write a book about how these lieutenancies come to be--as "secretary general" of the party, in which post he will attempt to hobble the efforts of the triumvirs to put the final nail in Sarkozy's coffin. Is this a political party or a script for The Godfather IV?