Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Profile of Me

In case you'd like to know more about your humble blogger, Canadian journalist Jeet Heer has published a profile of me at the new TNR site. He's far too generous, but you'll get the general idea.


FrédéricLN said...

I learnt much, thank you. About war and also about translation. You need to be focused even more than dilettante, I guess. So far I'm *too* dilettante to become a translator (I started by escaping any idea of studying a same topic 3 years long, which disqualified me for a PhD). Maybe it's just that some people need a relationship with someone or something in order to be focused, being focused on themselves is not their trick.

BTW, Mr Heer's paper rightly highlights your tendency to hide your light under a bushel.

(Weel, that's a linguee-translation from what I meant in French, excès de modestie).

No one is perfect.

Thomas Holzman said...

Excellent! You deserved a hagiography from someone, and I think Mr. Heer did a fine job!

Clif said...

Bravo - as a Francophile who spends part of the year in Paris - it's a great pleasure to see you receive the praise you deserve.

Edouard Bustin said...

Math is easy, but translation is hard :-)