Saturday, January 10, 2015

Speaking of integration ...

This is quite moving.


Mitch Guthman said...

I have some questions and I would be grateful if anyone could supply some answers:

1. Has Hollande announced that there will be plaques to mark the places where the police officers were murdered?

If he hasn't, is it appropriate to start a petition asking for something to commemorate the deaths of these police officers? There is a large French community in Los Angeles and I'm sure everyone here would want to sign such a petition.

If there will be plaques, will they say “mort pour la France”? Do the French have a different inscription for police who are killed in the line of duty?

2. Did any of the murdered police officers leave families and, if so, is there a fund for them? How can people in the US contribute?

3. Similarly, it’s likely that at least some of those who were murdered at the kosher supermarket left families who will need financial help in the future. Is there a fund for them?

4. Is there a fund for the families of the people who were murdered at the Charlie Hebdo offices? I understand that the money from the next issue will be put into a fund for them but they could probably use more.

Anonymous said...

2 : "les orphelins de la police" pour Paris . Crée apparement lors d'une vague terroriste à Paris (à l'époque les anachistes...) , comme quoi.
Il y a aussi une page "appel aux dons", pour ceux interessés.
Doit exister une chose similaire pour ceux pas à paris.

1 : la page ci-dessus utilise l'expression:" victimes du devoir". Les gendarmes étant eux militares, ils se peut qu'ils utilisent "tombés pour la france ?
3: les juifs étant citoyens francais, ils ont accès à
crée lui aussi durant une autre vague de terrorisme en 1986(Tati rue de Rennes, attribué à une cellule du hezbolla pour obtenir la libération des siens). Comme quoi, le terrorisme n'est pas si nouveau.