Thursday, February 5, 2015

French Ambassador at Harvard Today

France After the Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Gérard Araud, France's Ambassador to the United States, will be giving a perspective on how the recent terrorist attacks in Paris have affected the French government and society.

Gérard Araud Ambassador of France to the United States

Introduction by Arthur Goldhammer Affiliate, CES

Sponsors: Contemporary Europe

Throughout his life-long career in diplomacy, Gérard Araud has held such high-ranking positions as Permanent Representative at the United Nations (2009-2014), Director General for Political Affairs and Security (2006-2009), Ambassador of France to Israel (2003-2006) and Deputy Permanent Representative at NATO (1995-2000).

Busch Hall, 27 Kirkland St., 3:30-5 PM. I believe this event will also be streamed on video via the CES Web site.

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