Monday, February 9, 2015

Two UMP municipal councilors join the FN in Marseille

In Marseille, where police today faced automatic weapons fire in a housing project, two municipal councilors who had been members of the UMP have gone over to the Front National. One of them, Karim Herzallah, said that he was tired of being the UMP's "arabe de service." This explanation hardly makes his decision to join the enemy less surprising, however.


Mitch Guthman said...

My guess is that Herzallah is less fed up with being "arabe de service" than with being a poorly rewarded one. Presumably he has put his finger in the wind and determined it is blowing from Vichy. After all, if one is going to be an "arabe de service", one wants to serve the side that is moving up.

As an aside, I am sure that Herzallah is looking forward to attending many enjoyable soirées "vin rouge et saucisson" with his new friends.

DavidinParis said...

The FN has been courting the arab french for quite some time. Here is one of many links from years ago.

Mitch Guthman said...

@ David in Paris,

Thank you for the link. I wasn't aware that the FN's charm offensive extended beyond Dieudonné. The titles of the "related articles" suggest, however, that MLP probably isn't making a lot of headway.

Nevertheless, I certainly hope thst these journalists brought very long spoons to their dinner with Le Pen!