Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Raciste? Et alors?

It seems that pointing out the racist speech of certain FN candidates does not dissuade voters. I'm not sure why the Obs is surprised by this:
"Votre petit message méchant ne nous a pas touchés". Le texto est signéFrancis Boudrenghien, candidat FN à Anzin, dont "l'Obs" avait épinglé les propos sur les arabes "nique ta mère" dans son dossier sur le vrai visage des candidats FN. Le 22 mars, il a terminé en tête dans son canton du Nord avec 40% des voix ! Une vingtaine d'autres candidats figuraient dans notre enquête. Leurs dérapages racistes, antisémites ou xénophobes leurs ont-il porté préjudice ? Pas vraiment : sept des dix-huit candidats cités sont qualifiés pour le second tour.
As Nonna Mayer pointed out in the interview to which I linked yesterday, the answer to the survey question "Do you think there are too many foreigners?" in France is the best predictor of a pro-FN vote. When asked if they agree with this question "strongly, very much, somewhat, or not at all," the "not at all" answer gets 0 responses from FN voters--a rare thing in survey work.

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Siegfried said...

So, if there are so many French who want to limit immigration (from 2 thirds to 3 fourths according to surveys), why mainstream parties and media wouldn't tackle this issue and consider anti-immigration arguments, instead of whining on the fact that these French voters finish by supporting whoever seems to listen to them ?