Monday, May 4, 2015

Le Pens: Endgame

Jean-Marie Le Pen, suspended from the Front National and denied the right to speak in its name, wants his daughter to marry Louis Alliot or Florian Philippot, so that she will no longer bear his name. This marks the end of a month-long battle. Some observers believed it was all a sham, a clever ploy designed to allow the daughter to distance herself from her father in order to further her ambitions, with his consent. Anyone who saw her face when Jean-Marie, wearing a bright red coat, mounted the platform in front of the statue of Joan of Arc and tried to usurp the role of party leader can no longer believe that the pair are playacting. They have come to a parting of the ways, as child and parent sometimes do. We are witnessing a psychodrama, not a political drama.
Dès dimanche, la présidente du parti avait souhaité que son père ne s'exprime plus « au nom du FN ». Cette fois, son père souhaite qu'elle « perde son nom ». « J'ai honte que le président du Front national porte mon nom et je souhaite qu'elle le perde le plus vite possible », a-t-il lâché, lui suggérant d'épouser son concubin, Louis Alliot, ou le vice-président du parti Florian Philippot. « Je ne me reconnais pas de lien avec quelqu'un qui me trahit d'une manière aussi scandaleuse », a-t-il encore fustigé.


Anonymous said...

A year ago I believed it was playacting, but I no longer do. JMLP is just too much of a deadweight to his daughter's political ambitions. She's made inroads with Jews and he goes to Rivarol, he wants to be heard and prove he's still relevant. His daughter wants people to forget about her party's past and he constantly reminds people of it.
He's old and he doesn't want to admit it, which is another problem. But the rank and file in the FN also has old people and it's hard to tell how they'll take this.
In other frontist news:

As much as I think allowing ethnic/religious-based statistics would be useful for researchers, I do see it as a problem when children are tracked according to assumed religion for political gains or for whatever nefarious purpose was the mayor's.

bernard said...

As I mentioned in a comment a few weeks ago, what a family! Now the father wants the daughter to have a gay husband, which surely would be fun for all involved. More seriously, I expect the father to fade away from sorrow and rage, which are known as aggravating health factors. Excellent.

I never thought they were coordinating. Both have two enemies, to use some Galgen Humor, les youpins et les ratons. However, whenever one has two enemies, one must to choose which is the main enemy and one can then attempt to defeat the main enemy seeking a temporary alliance with the other, not main, enemy. And here the father has chosen one as his main enemy (being very old, he probably revels in the times of his youth), and the daughter has chosen the other as her main enemy. So, obviously, they are on two different strategies.

As for the normal look of the daughter compared to the father, one only has to look at the number of journalists beaten up on May 1st to be fully reminded of the reality of the front national.

Furthermore of course, the daughter's version of "that great sucking sound" should remind anyone either sane or not gullible of the catastrophe that the fn's economic program would provoke. Unfortunately it seems that a lot of desperate French have become either insane or gullible.