Monday, June 8, 2015

Coup de con by Sarko lite

Arnaud Montebourg is a sort of Sarkozy lite. He's constantly looking for the right media strategy, the clever petite phrase, the flattering camera angle that will make him president despite, shall we say, a certain fluidity in his ideological commitments. Like Sarko, he noisily "withdrew" from politics only to plunge back in with even more fanfare than he left, as he did yesterday when he chose to upstage the Socialists' grand finale. Having refused to attend their Congrès, he gave the JDD an interview timed to coincide with its closing day. In it, he said nothing new, patting himself on the back for having opposed austerity form day one without explaining why he remained as minister of economic redressment if he was so at odds with the direction chosen by the president and prime minister. He got the attention he expected, but today Martine Aubry, who has at times been equally critical of the government, upbraided him for his lack of elegance.

«Arnaud a été membre du gouvernement: on ne peut pas être au gouvernement et le critiquer comme il l'a fait. Il y a là une question de morale, ce n'est pas une attitude normale», ajoute l'édile lilloise.
Montebourg frequently says he is out of politics and looking to make a career in business, but either he has no self-control or he is positioning himself to run once again for the presidency if Hollande is sidelined or there is a Socialist primary next year. Coup de comm' or ...


bernard said...

Art, read your title again! I love the Freudian lapse.

Art Goldhammer said...

Oh, Bernard, man of little faith. That's not a lapse, it's a pun. See the last sentence of my post.

bernard said...

Wily indeed, then. Well done - and summarised.

Alexandra Marshall said...

Has anyone actually fallen for Montebourg's little traipse through the halls of "business"? This always smelled to me like a blatant move to appeal to the many many many less-than-left French who criticize (rightly in many cases) the lack of practical experience on the part of the political class. Montebourg got himself named to a few boards, he audited a few business classes. I give it another few months before he officially comes back to the political sphere now branding himself a big boy who knows how things get done in the "real world." The Macron of the left, or some nonsense. He's a hairdo.

bert said...

He was nearly squished by an ornate mirror at a fancy restaurant in New York.
While glad he wasn't badly hurt, I can't avoid feeling he missed the perfect way to peg out.

Mitch Guthman said...

I agree entirely with Aubry. If Valls hadn't pushed him out of government, Montebourg would still be in government and he'd still be talking out of both sides of his mouth. As the say in Texas, the man is all hat and no cattle.

I sincerely hope that les frondeurs socialistes understand that a false friend is no friend at all.

Cincinna said...

I am no big fan of Montebourg politically, but his brave actions in saving lives by preventing the giant mirror from crashing on other guests at Balthazar in SOHO is admirable.
We go to Balthazar often, and it is mis- characterized in your comment. It is not at all a "fancy restaurant," but about as close to an authentic French brasserie like La Coupole or Le Dôme as one can find in NY.
'Heroic Former French Minister Saved Diners From Being Crushed by Balthazar's Falling Mirror'

bert said...

"... a witness told the Daily News 'He was like Superman.' ..."

I wasn't there. But I hear from politicians and their staff members often. Call me a cynic, but don't you think Montebourg might be mischaracterised in your comment?

I entirely accept your point about "fancy", though. That was an Anglo-Saxon sneer.